Memphis’ leading source for the best value in office chairs… Workplace Furniture.

Office chairs is probably the largest category of office furniture and there are endless combinations of styles, shapes, sizes, materials, and prices. Come visit our showroom and demo some of our chairs. Eventually, your choice will come down to:

  • Function– what features does your chair need and how will you be using it.
  • Fit– what size do you need and how much ergonomic support.
  • Comfort– how does the chair feel… both initially and after awhile
  • Style– choose for looks and appearance to match with other furniture.
  • Material– with so many options from breathable mesh, upholstered, leather, and others.
  • Budget– prices range widely but remember you generally get what you pay for.

A “good” office chair has become to the workplace what mattresses have become to a good night’s sleep. Studies clearly show that employees who are more comfortable and better fitted with a quality chair are more productive.

Come see the dozens of models we carry for tasks chairs, conference chairs, executive chairs, guest chairs, training chairs, lobby chairs, and much more.

Here a just a few images of the varying styles, layouts, and solutions we offer. Don’t hesitate to let us know what you’re looking for…..we’ll have it.